Let them eat cake, and have fun too!

Written by Doug Quattrini, Event Producer, Feastivities  for Wedding Planner Magazine

The focus continues to shift away from elaborate and ornate wedding cakes. Several of our couples are using a small cake for a photo op as opposed to something that will feed all of their guests. The most prevalent trend is the downsizing of desserts into individual portion sizes, presented in fun and unique serving vessels. Mini mason jars, as an example, are being used to serve seasonal pies, parfaits, and puddings. This allows for a wide variety of desserts to be offered and can be easily added to a display, passed as a butlered dessert to guests who are up and moving around, or arranged on platters and placed on guest tables for a “family-style” dessert option.

Mini desserts also provide a great opportunity for including a family or favorite recipe. As an unexpected touch to “traditional” coffee service, mini donuts served directly on a coffee cup turn something that is a bit of a requirement into something fun.

Savory elements, as opposed to only sweet continue to work their way into desserts as well. Bacon ice cream? Bacon added to a traditional S’more? Bacon added to popcorn? Why not? It’s not just about having something predictable anymore as the definition of what constitutes a dessert is getting a little more fuzzy.

Another trend is adding an interactive element to dessert, which is almost a requirement. Guests expect more, and rightfully so. After you’ve impressed and delighted them with fun hors d’oeuvres and great entrees, why not end on a high note? Mixing ice cream, on marble slabs, to guest specifications and in their presence, building mini sundaes for them, serving cookies off a warm griddle—any interaction you add elevates the item being served.