Yes, there IS such a thing as stress-free wedding planning!

Most brides remember their wedding day as one of the best days of their life – and also the most stressful. This doesn’t have to be the case! It’s understandable to feel like you’re floundering as you try to plan the party of your dreams, but there are a few tips to make sure that your day – and the months leading up to it – are as stress free as possible.


5 Tips for stress free wedding planning:

1. Stay connected to your fiancé  –
Not every fiancé is as interested in wedding planning as their eager bride wants them to be (although some really are!) – but no matter what, it is key that you stay connected and communicating throughout the entire process. This isn’t just important for a smooth wedding day, it is vital for a healthy and happy relationship during the potentially stress-filled lead up to the ceremony.

2. Choose a reliable caterer – Every bride wants to provide sumptuous food at her wedding, and yet catering is one thing that can go disastrously wrong. Miscommunications with caterers, unreliable service staff and an underwhelming menu that differs from what was promised – these can be incredibly stressful setbacks. It is key that you choose a caterer that has a stellar reputation, a lengthy resume of past successes and a great attitude. You want to make sure the caterer does not embarrass you at your wedding. Yes, you could be embarrassed. For example: you may wonder why one caterer has 20 service staff and the other 15. Think of it this way, do you want your guests waiting in line at the bar or hunting down hors d'oeuvres? That difference of 5 service staff may seem small to you but it makes a world of difference at your wedding.   

3. A bouquet to remember – Flowers are a key component to the style and elegance of your wedding day, yet they can be surprisingly costly and difficult to organize. Instead of worrying about the arrangements arriving on time and at the price that was quoted, choose a floral designer with a strong reputation and industry leading style. An award-winning florist is often a good place to start, as they have the experience and talent that will guarantee you are ecstatic with your blooms, and they arrive as anticipated. 

4. Don’t just tell them – show them – A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Presenting your caterer, florist, wedding planner and venue hire with photos and sketches of your inspirations will help to ensure that the end results are exactly what you are dreaming of. 

5. Prevent the last minute panic – Nothing can break the mood of your wedding day pampering like a frantic series of calls from confused vendors or clueless guests. Compile a list of alternate contacts (your mother, your maid of honor, your wedding planner) and provide this to all vendors in the weeks leading up to the day. This way, while you are getting a massage, your hair done or pre-ceremony photos your special moments will not be spoiled.

As you can see, with a few tweaks to your wedding planning strategy you can mitigate last minute stress and make your day the best it can be. Do you have any tips or tricks for stress-free wedding planning? Leave them below in the comment section.