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At Feastivities we are very conscience of our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. We also view our actions through the lens of our impact on the planet and are committed to sustainability and the collective difference it can make. We are empowered when we can assist our clients with compostable, biodegradable, recycled and other service solutions that will limit overall event carbon footprints.

Feastivities embraces today's efforts to conserve natural resources and minimize the impact of human activity on the environment. Operating in a sustainable manner is practiced by all departments of the company where the selection, preparation, delivery, and disposal of food and beverages affect the environment in so many ways. The company faces a multiple decisions as to how to satisfy their clients and generate a financial return with minimal environmental impact. It's a daunting challenge made more difficult by the fact that virtually every aspect of catering contains a sustainability challenge. Practicing sustainable operations not only benefits the environment, it helps foster positive relationships with the venues where we cater. Because sustainability is such a critical component in modern catering, Feastivities supports our team with an increasing number of resources to help effectively integrate "green" initiatives in their departments, including professional development programs and educational resources.

Our wedding venue would only allow us to use Feastivities. Karen was our event coordinator and point person- every time I met with her or spoke to her, I felt better. She helped us with many aspects of wedding planning and the prices were very transparent from the beginning.

We had a cocktail style reception and everything was flawless. We had no problems with the catering staff. Our wedding was 2 months ago and we are still receiving compliments on the food! Karen is so easy to work with and felt more like a friend by our wedding day. I highly recommend Feastivities.
— capture from the Knot.com