Our history

Twenty eight years ago, the catering industry was quite different. During our research prior to opening up the company we found that catering companies were cooking the food at their commissary and packing the food in holding units to travel. Since both of us have come from a restaurant and culinary background we knew the importance of food quality. Cooking on site was paramount! Available to us at the time were rental ovens using propane. The two main issues using the ovens were that many venues would not allow propane and the frequent malfunctions of the unit. We needed to figure out a full proof design to cook on site to preserve the food integrity... and we did.  


Andy is a man of measured words, his food speaks volumes.  He is a chef with a passion for all things culinary and all things that could, if imagined differently, be culinary.  Andy was honored when the James Beard Foundation in New York asked him to caterer Easter Brunch for their members. Andy was the first chef to receive a CATIE Award for Chef of the Year from the ICA (International Caterers Association)

Meryl has spent the last twenty-eight years creating events throughout the Philadelphia region featuring creative and well-executed menus, dramatic presentations, outstanding service and extreme attention to detail.  

Meryl & Andy Snow  1st Event! 1987

Meryl & Andy today

Meryl & Andy today